Monday, February 25, 2008

Would Have, Could have

My last post was about writing mistakes. What your worst writing mistake might be. One person wrote that they waited until they were thirty to start writing.

I think that was the thing I should of done for my writing career also. I was in my forties before I knew I really wanted to be a writer and fifty by the time I seriously started thinking in terms of finishing a novel to market and over sixty by the time I finished the mystery and realized mystery and urban fantasy were what I loved to write. Now I'm feeling the pressure of time, however, I'm convincing myself I will be around at least as long as my mother, she's ninety.

I'm not knocking all the non-fiction I published, or the text books, but I wish now I'd put some of that time into fiction instead. Ain't hind sight great? Luckily I was published quickly. Later, will I say getting published in ebook format was a mistake, who knows?

Tell me the one thing you feel you should have done differently with your writing career.

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daydream said...

Ugh, my writing carreer mistake? I really don't yet have a carreer, but I am working on it. As far as writing goes I would say not edit enough and love purple prose.

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