Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Me

Since it's a day all about love, here's my love fest, all about things I love, but no romantic sweetie. Plenty of other sweeties though.

I love:
My children, who actually put up with and even like my writing.

My mother who loves me no matter what.

My brave-in-the-face-of-cancer sister, one of only two people left who knew me as a young woman or child.

My Cuchara girlfriends-we take care of, cry over or for each other and share triumphs.

My Ink friends who pay attention to each other and our writing.

Creating new stories with more fun characters and seeing where they will lead me.

My name on the cover of my books.

My wonderful publisher, Eternal Press and editor Deborah Nemeth, who loves my writing.

Being home with a cup of hot tea or hot buttered rum, a good movie on TV and a good book in my hand (Boy am I exciting.)

My cats, Punky and Poppi who love to purr.

Colorado in the summer.

Books-more kinds than I can mention.

Movies, especially the old black and whites like the Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The Spiral Staircase, The Portrait of Jenny, The Enchanted Cottage, anything Jane Austen.

Chocolate truffles, especially Godiva, chocolate anything.

Babies and small children.

Sushi-especially California Rolls.

Chinese food and Mexican food.

Now I'm off on food so I'd better stop. What do you love? Post a comment for a chance to win a copy of Fairy Dust-my new short urban fantasy. The deadline is midnight February 15th.


Sara Saint John said...

I'm grateful for people like you, and the rest of my writer friends. I'm grateful for my kids, even when they task me. (Oh, they task me. lol.) I'm grateful for My Bear, who's teaching me there are good men in the world. I'm grateful for God's gifts, especially the gift of writing, and the success I've had with it. Grateful for the world's beauty, including furry kitties and sweet natured dogs.

Carol said...

I envy you "The Bear." What a lovely Valentine present he's been for you. And you deserve all the writing success you can get. Hugs

daydream said...

I love love and how it puts your soul into a wonderful metamorphose until it emerges softer, more emotional and heightened.

I love books, art and all the people that surround me and make life a rosier place for me and others aroudn them.

Amy said...

I love books and reading and editing, and spending hours in bookstores.

I love Puerto Rico - its culture, people (Boricua!), language, food and music - especially Ricky Martin!

I love to travel.

I love the diversity of my city - and that RT 2008 will be here in April! (Pittsburgh!)

I love my friends, old and new, who have weathered many storms with me, and are here now to see the sun start to come from behind the clouds.

I love my "children" and am so proud of them and happy and grateful to have open and loving relationships with both of them.

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