Friday, February 1, 2008

Politics and football

I'm not a political animal, however, watching the primary race has been interesting, especially now as Obama and Clinton seem to have realized that they need each other, because together, on a ticket featuring Clinton/Obama or vice versa, they have the potential to win. A white female and a black male with an doable bid for the White House. Talk about a moment in history. Even I will be following this race, especially since I'm so tired of the Ultra Conservative right, who talks morals, but doesn't particularly live by them. Hell, the Democrats don't even pretend to be holier-than-thou so when they have the affair with the White House Aide, you think, "He's an Idiot." but you don't rush to impeach.

Then there's the Super Bowl, with two super-stars to watch. We have a busy weekend in front of us which will make it difficult to get any writing done, but march on and keep writing anyway.


daydream said...

I ain't a political animal either, but I do hope Clinton wins. That will be shocking and cool. A woman will rule the USA and may be your country will be a better one with her in charge.

Carol said...

I think what will happen is a ticket with both Clinton and Obama with Bill in the background. It's a two-fer. Interesting times. Whether we will become a better country, who knows? Can and will those richer Americans who feel entitled, be able to change? That remains to be seen.

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