Monday, February 4, 2008


The under-dogs won the superbowl. Yay for the Underdogs. I love it, not that I have strong feeling about NY or Boston, but I like underdogs.

Maybe because writers are underdogs when we go up against the big houses and their establishment and try to get agents to represent us, even read our work. We are in an uphill battle no matter what direction we take with our writing, New York, small press, ebooks, they all have their inherent problems.

But then look at Jane Austen. She's one of the most popular romance writers of all time, she didn't make a living from her books, her brother and sister were her only support. Her sales were good but the publishing company took most of the money (gee, sound familiar?) Her mother never forgave her for not marrying into money when she had the chance. Jane held out for love, died at a much too early age and never made a decent living from her writing, but she wrote anyway, as we all do, because we are called to and would even if we weren't published, do even if we are never published.

Oops. The World of Myth store has the World of Myth anthology available for pre-order. My story, "Mam" is in there as well as a story by Sarah Wilson-who has written many stories for World of Myth and has her second vampire book coming out. Visit World of Myth and go the the store to check it out.

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