Monday, March 24, 2008


1. It's Rinda's Birthday!! Everyone go to and wish her happy birthday. (She also acquired an agent last week!) A double happy birthday.

2. Zokutou's word meter is back up. If you need a word count graphic for your blog or website, this is the best. Just go to the site and get one. Even I learned to use it, with Rachel Vincent's help and I'm sure frustration because I was so dense.

3. It's spring and I just like spring and all the blossoming trees. Now I want flowers in my yard so I need to go get annuals and put in some color.

4. Keeping up with everything is frustrating right now but I'm making progress with everything.

5. Not exactly a hooray but we found out steroids and Bi-polar disorder are not compatible, something no doctor has ever said. Lori is Bi-polar with asthma and lupus. What do they use to treat asthma, pneumonia and lupus? Steroids. Why were all her bi-polar symptoms off the chart after she got home and was treated for pneumonia with steroids? Things that make you go Hmmmm. or run screaming in the night. Why do all doctors not know this or do they just not care?

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