Friday, March 21, 2008


I just watched "I Am Legend" with Will Smith. Totally lacked the impact of the Matheson story. I'm not sure why the screenwriter felt the need to change the story that much. I think the only thing that was the same was the presence of a virus and a girl.

The movie was good and I like Will Smith. But Matheson's story left you really thinking about Neville realizing that to all the others, he was the monster who killed their kind, he was the boogie man, the thing that went bump in the day to hide from and be afraid of. In the movie he never really seemed to understand that the vampire was trying to save his mate.


daydream said...

Well books have always been better than movies and I can't mention a vice versa situation. I liked the movie as it was eerily scary. No background music certainly makes you nervous and expecting something to strike any second.

Carol said...

I thought the movie was good as a stand alone. But, read the book also because it has a visceral punch, a change in perspective you don't get with the movie.

daydream said...

Definitely so, I should believe. Movies and books can never have the same quality, when it comes to the story.

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