Wednesday, March 26, 2008

To Post or not to Post

There's been an interesting discussion on a list recently. This is an author's readers list. The question seems to be, how complete should a work be before you post an excerpt to tickle a reader's fancy.

Some of the writer's have posted excerpts from a WIP, with the caveat that it is unedited. I don't think any of them mean unedited as in first draft, just unedited from the standpoint that an editor from a publishing company has not blessed it yet.

Some members say never post unedited work. Others say, I did edit, it's not a first draft. Often, especially with e-books, with you want timely reviews to promote your book, you might have to send an ARC before final reviews.

Also, with a series, it can be excellent promotion to post snippits from the next book in a series, while it is still a WIP, to spur interest and anticipation.

What do you think? Would it put you off a work if you found a mistake? Is it dangerous or good practice? What about those works that are out in "finished" and "Edited" form but have typos?

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