Friday, April 10, 2009

Fires Galore

Watched grass fires overtake dozens of houses in Midwest City and other Oklahoma areas. Scary to watch and the thought of those poor families. The 50mph winds didn't help any, plus gusts up to 70mph. Gotta love Oklahoma winds sweeping down the plains. Reminds me, I need to take down my large wind chimes until the wind tames a little or my neighbors will be leaping over my back fence to cut them down. They even bothered me last night.

Decided to re-look at the outline for Changeling and synopsis before I get back into deadlines, just to make sure everything flows as far as plot. Still like it. I think it will have enough meat for me to have a good story. I'll feel better when I'm back to meeting daily goals. I'm hoping the typing improves too. Still having a little motor trouble with the middle and ring fingers on the right hand so I get some strange typos at times. But then, I used to get strange typos before I could blame it on surgery. So much for that excuse.

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