Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Getting Started

I've been asked a lot how I got started writing. I'm never sure what to answer because it's such an accumulative thing.

I've loved reading since about the third grade and I realized I could read anything in the library whether I understood it or not. Mother never restricted my reading choices so I read anything I got my hands on.

I actually enjoyed writing essays in school, other kids hated me of course. But it wasn't until I saw some romance writers on a talk show in the early eighties that it occurred to me that I could write, get published even though I didn't live in NY.

Even then, everything else took precedence. I wrote short articles and stories, got some published, wrote a couple of text books but had yet to buckle down to writing fiction. My fifties loomed on the horizon and I decided I'd better get off my ass, or rather sit on it, and get the writing done or I'd be 80 without a book out there. Then I had to decide what kind of fiction I really wanted to write.

Once I discovered urban fantasy, mixed in mystery and paranormal elements, It all fell into place, plus setting word counts, actually finishing books, submitting and being published.

On another post, I'll talk about how I decided where to submit the book and what I'm doing now and talk more about the characters in my mysteries and Urban Fantasy.

I have a book basket at the Romantic Times Convention so feel like I'm almost really there. At least Tali and Mumsie are there, and other writers I know.

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