Sunday, April 19, 2009

Twit and Tweet on Twitter

Sorry, couldn't resist. Twitter is addicting. See to the right. Several followers already. Following some. It's fun and easy and faster than blogging or even email. Mini blogging, like that idea.

Back to Changling. I'm Working on the darker aspect since it's urban fantasy and not a cozy paranormal, the tone needs to be a bit different, more menacing. Worked on character and plotting a bit more. Now have to work hard. Have new names to try and query when I'm done.

Now the trick is to keep it dark and keep the humor at the same time, always a tight rope but I don't think I can write without a little humor in the thing, just my quirk. Come follow me on twitter or just read twitter on the blog.

Don't forget, print books are on Amazon.

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