Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekends, Taxes, and other fun stuff.

It's been a weekend for panic. Got a letter from Social Security that said my check was going to be about $1500 less than usual. Of course I received it on Friday, too late to call anyone and find out what that was about. Then, I get the taxes done and yes, I owe, the house that should have helped this year didn't because the money I took out of retirement for the down payment, put the income up too high to receive the 1st home incentive and the taxes taken out of that money wasn't enough. Life in the way as usual. I also had spent a lot when I got a supply of my books to have for a writer's conference. Oh well.

The Social Security issue was taken care of. I'm stuck with the taxes but my splint is off my hand so I can get back to writing soon, finish the WIP, Changeling. Not by conference but at least begin making progress again.

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