Monday, April 27, 2009


Has anyone asked you what your theme is when you write, someone besides and English teacher? I see this stressed at writer's workshops and was not clear what was meant.

Then I looked at my cozy paranormal mysteries. I seem to have two basic themes. One, Family loyalty, even if the family includes more friends than blood relatives. Placing ordinary people into extraordinary circumstances and play around with their vision of their world. The boogy monster is real and the one under the bed might really eat you.

Now place that in a small, Bible belt town in Texas with born again preachers and small town politics. Mix in murder, magic and mayhem and you have Tali Cates' world. All Tali wants is life without her cheating ex-the one with the live-in boyfriend, raise her kids and survive living at home with her mother.

Tali is a mixture of me, who I'd like to be, my grown daughters and Sandra Bullock. Mumsie is all the strong older women I admire. I fun writing and living in that world vicariously.

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