Sunday, April 15, 2012

Monday Mash-up (Tarot and Magical Tiddly-bits.)

I'm started a new blog schedule, if I can keep it up.
Mondays will be "Monday Mash-up", a mixture of everything from Tarot Tips, to funny sayings.
Wednesdays will be "Thyme to Rhyme (or not)" Will have poetry I write, poetry challenges or forms. I like poetry but I'm not a poet or teacher, I just have fun with it.
"Tricks or Treats of Writing." Just like it sounds, writing stuff I find and like and share.
Today, "Tali's Tarot Tips"
Find a deck you like and stick with it. (It can be traditional or one of the new kinds. But use the same one so your energy is absorbed and you connect with the cards.
Pick simple spreads at first, like a three card past, present, future spread. (Shuffle the deck (thinking about the question you have, cut the deck by three, take a card off each deck and arrange in a horizontal row, face up. If a card is upside down leave it that way, that also has a meaning. Don't hesitate to use a booklet to tell you the meaning of the cards until they become familar. Soon, you will begin to see deeper meanings as you practice.
Practice on yourself, your friends and have fun. Remember the meanings are not literal, and the cards are fluid, as is your life. Anything the cards tell you about the presence or future can change according to your actions or those of others.
Remember to enjoy, practice a lot and then move on to more complicated spreads. Go to for more tips, Tarot books and tips.


AmyShojai said...

Great idea! I have trouble posting comments to blogger but wanted you to know your book is mentioned on my blog today, too. *s*

Carol said...

Thanks, Amy. I appreciate it. I'm hoping I can actually keep a schedule and get some routine readers.

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