Sunday, April 29, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday
It's Sunday. Time to share six sentences from one of your books or WIPs in the comments section. Even better, bur a link to your own website where you post your sentence so we can come see you, that way you get traffic to your blog or website and latch on to a potential reader.

Come on down.

Six sentences from Privy to Murder

“I worry about you, Mumsie,” I said, “thinking you are taking advice from an Egyptian mummy. And if you knew Brian was so bad, you could have warned me.”

“You’ve never paid attention to Ka’s warnings.”

She was right. I lost confidence in mother’s counseling efforts after she began channeling messages from spirit advisors—more than one, she claimed.

Mumsie was  tall, elegant, and slender, with short, sassy white hair.

Okay, your turn to share your web address, blog address or a snippet.


Janet K Brown said...

I posted 6 sentences from my WIP "Auction Her Heart." Go to

Thanks, Carol. This is fun.

Janet K Brown said...

I posted 6 sentences from my WIP "Auction Her Heart." Go to

Thanks, Carol. This is fun.

Anonymous said...

Everything they owned, it seemed, had been dumped in the floor. She wiped her foot with a towel and threw it into the hall. No sense in leaving bloody footprints, since the soldiers somehow didn't seem to know she'd been here when they came for Jim. She quickly gathered some clothes from the bedroom closet, stuffing several pieces of jewelry into the pocket of the coat she found on the floor; they might do for bartering. Her Bible was on the coffee table in the living room; she'd have to go in there. The trail of blood went straight to the front door.

Wordsmith said...

Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She's Dead

One of the problems with being a witch is when you ask the universe a question, it generally gives you an answer. Or just enough of one to ruin a perfectly good week.

But since it was my birthday, and since I was an eternal optimist, and mostly 'cause I was stuck at the longest red light in the history of traffic, with nothing else to do...

I dug my tarot deck out of my purse and pulled three cards for the coming year:

Death, Three of Swords, The Tower. Transformation, sorrow, change through destruction.

Happy birthday to me.

Carol said...

Hey, careful there. My TBR pile is going to grow again at this rate. Thanks for posting.

sara saint john said...

His father, Baron Matthias Corvinus lay dying. Nicolae’s heart kept time with his father’s labored breathing: slow and heavy like the rhythm of a dirge. He kept his face impassive. A good son must stay strong for his mother and show dignity to the man who gave him so much in his life. Knowledge, instruction and love, support when needed and all tempered by stern discipline. As if his father were grooming him for something extraordinary.

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