Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Day After

Had a wonderful 4th, good food, family, spectacular fireworks and all that jazz. Even had a cool breeze at the park while we were watching. Just wonderful. Have to do lunch with family today, maybe a movie tomorrow. I have to settle into packing for Colorado and getting things organized for the August move.

Writing, hoping to have time this coming week to finish a painting and make up a time-line to get moving things done and get plotting finished for both Moon Murder and FD. I'd love to have FD finished by November at the latest so I can revise and enter it in OWFI as well as pitch some agents and editors. Also, if I can send MM off before then it would be great. Maybe I could finish both projects before Christmas and then get started on a 3rd Tali Cates.

Now, if only I'd hear a firm date to order print copies of PTM, it would all be golden. I'm not asking much here. Then there's that little matter of Medicare contracts and OFMQ

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