Thursday, July 17, 2008


This is where I'm going on vacation. No, silly, not the zoo, Colorado, where bears live, and hummers, chipmonks, squirrels, chickadees, deer, writers, artists and other critters.

I have good intentions of writing at least a couple of thousand words a day. I want to get the majority of words done on the first draft of my short WIP, which I'll talk about more once I get back. When I get back, I'll have pictures, maybe even some I can post. In the mean time, keep reading and keep writing. I'll be leaving this Sat. and coming back next.


relliott4 said...

Have a wonderful time!

Sara Saint John said...

Getting away to such beautiful country...sounds wonderful! Last time I was in Durango, a bear was trying to climb the fence and go into town. Guess he had some shopping to do.

Guess I'll just stay home with my bear. Hope you have a great trip! Talk to you soon.


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