Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When it's not there.

I've learned something. Now that I'm not in the middle of rushing to finish a first draft or meet a deadline, it feels like I'm lost, unfocused. I have begun a short WIP, but as I'm packing the house to move and packing to leave for Colorado on Friday, I can't work on it right this second. But, when it's not there, I miss that adrenalin rush of a scene that won't let you stop writing.

I think it will be good and I'm having fun with it. I hope, in Colorado, to get a couple of thousand words done a day, at least that's my goal. I do love the feeling of pushing through the book, even if it feels disjointed since I write for an hour at lunch and another hour or so in the evening. What happens when you have a day job. But then it all pulls together at the end and you're pleasantly surprised by the end of the story because it actually makes sense. Love it when something works.

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