Monday, July 14, 2008


First, Fairy Dust is #4 on the Fictionwise bestseller list for Eternal Press authors. So exciting.
Now, speaking of writing weird, how do you feel about rules. For one thing, I find I enjoy writing more now that I've given myself permission to break genre rules. Now I realise that means that mainstream print pubs may ignore me since my mysteries have evolved into Cozy Paranormal Mystery Romance. Is there such a genre? Don't think so. Don't really care. I do try to have the murder in the first chapter, if not the first scene. Can't always introduce the murderer or love interest in the first chapter.

Cozy mysteries probably shouldn't also have a vampire, witch, were and spirit guides running around, but it's fun. I enjoy writing it. I finished Bloody Murder, which I think is funnier than Privy to Murder and has creepier moments. I'm working on a short work which might end up even better than the others, we'll see. Then the other project will be even more fun and darker than the others.

So my advise is, write what you enjoy and have fun with, then sell it. My current publisher doesn't mind stretching genre, bending the rules. How do you feel about rules, like them, follow them, do your own thing? We want to know.

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