Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm Back from Colorado

I went, I saw, it conquered me as usual. I love Colorado and the Sangre de Cristos Mountains. I learned things too.

  • Bear cubs love humming bird feeders and will climb trees, ignoring yelling humans and loud air horns when on a nectar hunt.
  • Racoons are scared of bears, even when the bear is ignoring it in favor of the birdseed on the rail of the deck.
  • A high-pitched, loud "Oh Shit" will scare off a bear determined to join you for dinner on the deck.
  • A determined chipmunk can intimidate a bird twice its size.
  • Hearing is a challenge on a picnic next to a cold, roaring river.
  • A full-size adult bear can balance on the rail of a deck to eat sunflower seeds.
  • Bears move silently when approaching a cabin, you look up, he's there, in your face.
  • Humming Birds don't care how big you are, they will attack anyone as well as each other.

I did get writing done in spite of all the visitors. Glad to be back and will get back to the writing end of things after I move into my house. May be talking about the fun of moving everything you own when half of it is books.

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