Thursday, September 11, 2008

Evacution on a sunny day.

My daughter just called to let me know she's received evacuation orders, mandatory. So she and the kids will be on the road today, heading toward far north Texas. Her partner will leave by this evening. Right now it's calm, sunny, perfect beach day in Clear Lake, but they are a scant 10-15 minutes from the ship's channel and from Galveston. I can't imagine having to leave everything behind while you, two kids, three cats, get into cars and drive. Especially with the knowledge you could come back to a mess, or nothing or everything will be fine and you're pissed you had to leave as well as grateful for the safety.

Ike is certainly causing a lot of trouble. I think I'll stick to outrunning tornados here in OKC, thanks. I can deal.

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