Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Storm

No, not the kind with thunder and lightening, at least, not that anyone else sees. I met with my CP and we brainstormed about plotting for FDChronicles-Wizard on Fairy Dust characters and world, but Ande is younger, I had to change settings some. Came up with some good ideas and then this morning the rest fell into place about structuring so it could work.

We'll see. Somehow I have to keep Buffy from sneaking on campus and messing things up. I'll be glad when I can get the plotting together and start writing.

Also, I FINISHED UNPACKING THE GARAGE, finally I'm here to stay. Feels very good to be finished with that part. Now, it's those pesky decorating ideas that keep sneaking in on me, pulling me to do things, buy them or make them. I want to write, work and do all the extra stuff too. What calls you away from writing, besides food and family, since they are always there?


amyshojai said...

Well, I spent the day refinishing the front door. It was a leprous mess, and now much nicer with a new clean look. It's always something that keeps me from work...that frig just HAS to be cleaned, right this minute! LOL!

Carol said...

Okay, don't let the frige take over the fiction. You do have to have a pretty door on your pretty house, but cleaning can wait.

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