Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sounding Off

First, I got some strange comments yesterday, must be spam and I must put up better security. Weird. The obvious advertisements won't be up for drawings.

Now to sound. I read an interesting blog and decided to bring the discussion here too. When you are writing, what do you listen to, I mean besides the washing machine, kids, pets etc? Do you listen to music? Is it heavy metal or rock or county or classical.

I have a problem with music unless it's really generic because I want to bounce around, sing-along, dance and generally do anything but write. Can't do it. I have friends with eclectic tastes who listen to everything from soothing to alternative.

So, what's your music story? Come on, we won't tell.


Laura Herbertson said...

I can't listen to music either when writing. My brain tends to go blank of everything except the lyrics. I usually listen to the office noise around me, but since I write during my lunch break, the noise is generally absent.

Some authors like Carrie Vaughn, Linnea Sinclair, and Kim Richardson put their playlists at the beginning of the book.

Tabitha Shay said...

I can't listen to music when writing, either. I want total quiet. If there's noise, I find myself reading the same line over and over and can't move on. I don't want anyone talking to me. If I listened to music, I'd be like you, I'd be bouncing all over the place because I tend to listen to Oldie Goldie

ddurance said...

I'm very into Rob Zombie right now, love More Human than Human and Living Dead Girl.

I loved your the excerpt for Bloody Murder and it is a very nice cover. Kudos!


Kim Robinson said...

When I am writing I go to the internet and look up music from the year that the story is. As it progresses I move forward. I am writing a book now that starts in the 1940's and every chapter is headed by a song from that year. I find that when I hear a song it kind takes me back to that time and place, since I was born in 59 I have to watch movies and read books and talk to people who were alive then to find out about the television shows, candy,clothes and cars


Carol said...

Laura, I can do ambient noise, just not music that pulls me in and makes me get involved. Tabs, I can't do total quiet either, then I'm listening for noise, so a TV in the background can work.Deidre, I'm glad you like the cover. I was really pleased with it. Kim, unfortunately, 40's music and even 30's music is like golden oldies, I'd be singing along, not a pretty picture.

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