Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fast Writing

My friend, Rinda, has a fast first draft going for September and she's whipping out 3000 words a day. I do some of my best stuff when I push and write a first draft that way. So, my goal now is to finish the galley proofs for Bloody Murder and then attack plotting on Fairy Dust:Wizard. That way I can do an Oct./Nov. fast draft. To watch Rinda's progress, go to

You saw it right. I'm giving myself two months instead of Rinda's one because I know, realistically, I have to push it to get in more than 1000 words a day. 1500 a day is really ambitious but achievable. Now, on to the plotting train. For a totally funny take on handy men and real life, go to

Don't forget, to win a book, make a comment some time this month. Tigger, I haven't heard from you. You have until noon on the 12th before I draw another name for the copy of "Bloody Murder."

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Rinda Elliott said...

I have a bit of an advantage getting to write full time this month. But still, doing a fast draft seems to open up the creativity and muffle that internal editor. ;)

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