Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Is anyone truly fearless. You may be fearless when it comes to yourself but fear for your children, family, career or the serial killer down the street.

I've always loved scary books and movies, lots of suspense, scary situations, murderers, natural disasters, ghosts, goblins and witches. But, I want a plot with everything tied up at the end, including the bad guy. I do understand the need to keep the villain alive for the next book in the series, but make him suffer in the mean time. Multiple killings for the sake of killing and finding exotic ways to do it, not so much of a thrill. How many time can you watch the couple making love get skewered in the middle of the act? Can we say overdone?

I like writing scary, still working on building tension and suspense. Personally, my fear would be anything happening to my kids. Also, drowning is a big one, I get short of breath watching movies where the monster is chasing someone under the water and they can't get up to get air. That's hard to watch.

What scares you?


Jlynn said...

vsaqcI don't like horror movies after seeing Carrie and the Exorcist that was enough for me. I love to read scary stories, but then again I was reading the Shining when my son was small and had to put it away because it scared the begees out of me. I'm older now I can handle it a little bit better. I loved the excerpt of a Privy To Murder as well as Bloody Murder. I love the cover to Bloody Murder sooo..wicked!! What's scary to me is that my only child (son) is in the military and he hasn't gone over to Iraq or Afghanistan yet, but he might. I haven't seen him or talked to him since Christmas Eve 2006. That's scary! Your books look to be a great read and their next on my TBR list. Ciao

Carol said...

I'm so glad you liked the excerpt and cover. I can't wait for the Bloody Murder release. I know what you mean about kids. I was petrified when my son went off to boot camp at the age my grand daughter is now. Not hearing from him petrified me. I'll think good thoughts for your son. True fear isn't so much the monster in the closet, but the safety of those close to us.

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