Friday, October 24, 2008

Is it too late or too early?

I've heard people say a writer is just too old to write. Funny how that is usually applied to women writers rather than men, that would be a Hmmmm. I've also heard someone referred to as too young and lacking in life experience to write effectively. Will a sixteen-year-old produce Pulitzer prize material based on their life experiences, depends upon what their life has been like. In today's world, uncertain times, they could know more than the rest of us.

The older I get, the more I realize my tendency to sabotage myself because of my age. Okay, 66 isn't end of world, but in my head, I'm thirty. 66 would be my mother's age, my grandmother for God's sake. Let's get real. I can't be that old. I have too much left to do. The grim reaper is hanging around outside, waiting for me to drop tomorrow.

Well, guess what? Ain't happening. My heroes are women in their 60's and 90's, still going strong. Look at Gloria Steinem, Shirley McClaine, Cher. All right, all ready, I can't afford to have the work that they do. But I can look as good as I can, better yet, do things as if I was 30 or 40 and not worry so much about time. We really never know how much time we have, even when we are 21. There's always that freak possibility of something unexpected happening. So, all you writers out there, start writing that book you were always going to write. It really, truly, honestly isn't too late. If you think you should give up trying, think again. The persistent writers get published.

I do not intend to go peacefully into the night, but rather kick and scream and hang on with my fingernails. No dignified exit for this chick. I'll be sitting up in my coffin, trying to get my word count done before the end of the funeral.

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