Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wrong Clicks

Word count is going slow and now I have Museum's are Murder edits to do. This is a short Tali Cates scheduled for January. So, after this post, must get busy. But I do love, on Sunday to sit on the patio, listen to birds, journal and read the paper. Very self indulgent but I only get to do it once or twice a week. Plus, yesterday,lunch with "the girls" lots of good talk about books, TV, kids, movies, more books, more writing, browsing in a book store, eating Mexican food. Ahhhh, the joy.

It's amazing how one wrong click on the computer makes so much difference. I wondered why no one has been commenting on the blog. I evidently, when trying to prevent spam, clicked something that required membership for anyone to comments. Oooops. Not what I planned. Now that's reversed.

It's so easy with The Net to end up on sites you don't want, order what you don't want etc. Last year a friend had ordered perfume for her daughters and daughters-in-law. She ordered three, got thirty. They just kept coming, and coming, and coming, like the energizer bunny. She began dreading to even look for the mail.

What was your worst accidental click, most embarrassing or frustrating? Or are you someone who never makes mistakes or forgets to pay attention to what you are doing? Come on, spill. We won't tell.

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