Thursday, October 30, 2008

Never too Old

Guess who has a blog? Danielle Steel at See, we're never too old to write, blog, myspace or anything else we want, in spite of the reactions of some pundits in publishing, reactions of friends or of anyone else who want's to stop us in our tracks. I can say that because I battle my own reaction to reaching senior status. I catch myself thinking I'm way too old to do the things I want to do.

Then I hit myself up the side of the head, come to my senses and march on to work full time at the day job, write full time. paint when I can, take care of my daughter and generally have a busy life. Now if I'd just meet that partner to share the load and tell me I'm beautiful anyway...
Never mind, don't have the time to train-up a new man. Took me forty years to get the old one right. No man in his right mind would hook up with a self-centered author anyway, wouldn't want to deal with that many words flying at him.


Janet Elizabeth Jones said...

Hi there, Carol :)

Oh wow, I have to tell my mom about Danielle Steele's blog. She'll be amazed.

You're absolutely right--we're never too old for ANYTHING :)

:) Janet
Janet Elizabeth Jones
Sometimes, things that begin on a moonlit beach don't survive the sunrise--unless someone passionate and full of love breaks the rules for someone powerful and timeless.

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Carol said...

Hey, Janet. So Glad you stopped by. I was amazed then not, since DS is a writer she has to be computer literate but my 90 year old mom is scared of the computer, go figure.

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