Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Setting the Story

First, I got words done. Yay.

Next, I read a couple of blogs by friends. One talked about settings and how to write about places you've never been. All the wisdom talks about write what you know. I do that a lot, set stories in Texas or Oklahoma. I did set one in New Orleans, but I lived there for a few months, years ago, so it did work. But my travel has been limited, Europe would be difficult, as would the tropics.

The other relived a cold, wet football game and how she used her feelings of being miserable to make a scene more believable in her book.

How do you do it? Do you go on the internet to research that exotic locale, hop on a train, interview friends.

Also, go to Tabitha Shay.com so you know how to do her contest, then to eternalpressreaders@yahoogroups.com the next couple of weeks and read excerpts so you can answer trivia questions and win prizes.

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