Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wise Fiction

I read an interesting discussion yesterday about Fictionwise, the Amazon of the E-book, and why it's better to steer all your readers to your publisher's website to buy the books. I get it. Fictionwise takes a huge chunk of the money, as does the publisher, leaving the writer with only a little. People want to know why I don't just put the books on Amazon,? Because, Amazon also takes a chunk of money and wants to control your Print on Demand choice for printers. What's a writer to do?

If, like me, your publisher is not a household word, it makes it more difficult to get people there to browse your books. Then there is marketing and showing up for chats and guest blogs and all that stuff that keeps you from getting writing done. Oh. You mean you thought you just had to write them, not sell them too. Nope. We get it all.

So, from a marketing angle, come to and buy my books. Also, I have another guest blog at That old marketing thing.

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