Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Blues

A little blue today, but no, I do not want to listen to Elvis and Blue Christma. But, I do miss having the same excitement about Christmas that I had as a kid and still had when my own children were little. I hate the excitement seems to have disappeared. Actually, I think it was after my husband died that I noticed the empty spot more.

Not nearly as much anticipation of Christma morning, or lights or trees. Not that I don't enjoy the lights, but the level of enthusiasm is a little off. Maybe because Karl's not here to share it, or because I'm older, or the economy or just because.

So maybe I need to work at getting some of that back. How do you put excitement and anticipation into your holiday?


Anonymous said...

Hugs. I sometimes look forward to less busy holiday seasons when the kids are older, but then, I'll probably miss it too.

Anonymous said...

Hugs too...don't have kids, the pets simply don't "get it" and the hubby ...well, it ain't his holiday. So I really sympathize.

Carol said...

Thanks guys. Once I get into the crazy of finishing shopping, getting decor up, finishing edits for Museums are Murder (Got galleys) I'll be too busy to be whining so much. Just a momentary lapse maybe, but I do want to get some of the magic back, that's what seems to be missing. Need to be looking through children's eyes I think.

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