Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hind Sight isn't always 20-20

I finished the galleys for "Museums are Murder." Read every word. Did you ever read something you wrote and go "Whoa, that's pretty good. Did I really write that?" Or worse, "Geez, what was I thinking? You mean I sent it to the editor like that."

Frequently, writers have problems editing themselves and sometimes go to one extreme or another. Either we are our own worst critics and totally hate everything we write, convincing ourselves that nothing we put out is good enough. That can lead to total inertia and nothing will ever be submitted.

Or, we believe anything we place on paper is golden, should never be changed and can't understand why no editor agrees with us.

I have to find that middle ground. I know my words are not golden, at least not all of them, but I don't believe they are total excrement (crap) either. So, I edit the best I can and then let go and send it out. I also have critique partners who help with the process so I don't get to fall in love with my work to the point I ignore what should be changed. They help me cut out that imagery I thought was a gem, that in reality was...well, you know.

As a writer, how do you keep your work grounded so you can see it realistically? As a reader, what do you see writers do that drives you nuts?

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Ava James ~Romance Writer said...

I know what you mean. Currently I am in the "everything I write is crap" phase--but then again that can't be true when I have three releases this month alone.

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