Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Old, Older, Oldest

I had another birthday. I've had way too many. They keep coming whether I want them or not. Well of course I want them, the alternative isn't too cool. I just have issues with the things that come along with them like:
1. Crepy eyelids, no I did not say creepy but that too.
2. Being old enough to remember when really old songs were #1, on vinyl 45rpm records.
3. Thinking how good someone looks for their age and finding out they are older than I am, but they look younger.
4. Knowing I'm old enough to be a great grandmother and just waiting for that shoe to drop.
5. Realizing that most agents and editors are younger than I am and would see me as way too old to write.
6. And I'm sure any fans of Fairy Dust or even Tali Cates, would be horrified to know someone old as their grandmother would write those love scenes

But, how much fun is it to be the person writing those things and enjoying it? Could I have written the books at an earlier age? I'm doing what I was meant to do and it's fun, so time to buckle down, finish Fairy Dust:Wizard and keep pushing forward. Father Time, who is he?

Speaking of him, time to look at last years goals, see what I did or didn't do and what to plan. That would include blogging more often, I've gotten slack this holiday season.

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