Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bloody Murder Review

Had to share a review of "Bloody Murder" I just found on a blog called 100% of Nothing. It came out in December. I was beginning to think no one was going to review it at all.

Event planner, Tali Cates, is up to her neck in murder and the paranormal once more in this latest from Carol Shenold. This time Tali is running a local beauty pageant. Amidst cat fighting contestants and their overbearing mothers, two people are found dead. Both victims are completely drained of fluids and Tali suspects a supernatural killer, but Sheriff J.T. is highly skeptical as usual. He does his utmost to convince Tali to stay out of his way and while she would love to do nothing more, her visions keep forcing her to stick with the investigation.
As if murder weren’t enough, her daughter Cass may be dating a werewolf and her son is convinced that Tali’s new boyfriend, Aiden is a vampire. Logically, she knows he couldn’t be, but then again, this is Love, Texas, a town on the crossroads of good and evil.
This story manages to balance the elements of a supernatural tale, a mystery and a small town drama. While there are certain places where it strays into the realm of cliché, overall it is a witty, engaging read. The characters are warm, eccentric and hugely entertaining. The mystery is intriguing and keeps the reader guessing as it unfolds. I enjoyed this story very much as well as its predecessor, PRIVY TO MURDER. Ms. Shenold is a fresh, unique voice and I look forward to more from her.

Didn't even know it was out there but she said nice things about it and Privy to Murder also. I didn't see a ranking system.The link is: http://100percentofnothing.com/2008/12/bloody-murder/


Anonymous said...

i love storys with a twist and you have 2 of my favs in this one where wolves and vamps this books is on my wish list

lastnerve said...

This book looks so incredibly good. Can't wait to read it!

Martha said...

This was a pretty good review! Congrats.
Tali sounds like a character I would really like and I like series

Mindy said...

GREAT review!
I LOVE the "Tali" books and this one is a definite keeper too.
Vamps & Weres are two of my favorite paranormals & shifters.
Mindy :)

Kytaira said...

I love vamps and weres! This book looks like alot of fun. Congrats on the newest release!

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