Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Honestly-what were they thinking?

First, there's the guy, grown adult (So-to-speak) who felt the need to steal a hockey stick from a forteen-year-old kid who had just been given the stick by a pro-player at a game. The kid didn't even get to leave the stadium with it. Want to know the great use the so-and-so had for the stick, sell it on e-bay. The savior was the dentist who purchased the stick while still in the stadium, saw the news story and sent the stick to the kid. Happy ending but the so-and-so is still out there to prey on other kids.

Then there's the beauty contest/reality show all about inner beauty, showing these people on camera lying and cheating, knowing they are on camera and expecting to be called the most beautiful person in America. As someone succinctly said, puleeze.

Back to writing, behind on word counts, first draft, paying dues, paying bills etc. Must get off the rear, get the rear in gear and make some progress here.

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