Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lauch Day in Three Days

Hey folks! Wednesday is launch day for "Museums are Murder." Tali and Aiden together again, fighting a werewolf and a demon who just wants to take Tali away with him forever, not a nice guy. Be sure to come to for the launch party and prizes galore.

Is everyone ready for resolutions? My big one, finish "Fairy Dust: Wizard" before conference. Market more. Take better care of myself by keeping in better touch with friends and making sure I have live music and art, actively and regularly in my life.

I have the writer's tendency to hibernate. Also, I need to write at least 800 words, five days a week.
Come on down to and pick up your copy of "Museums are Murder" "Privy to Murder" "Bloody Murder" and "Fairy Dust". Remember, print is coming soon, along with the ability to order from Amazon.

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