Friday, January 30, 2009

No Holcaust!

Please, if you want publishing news and not politics or religion, avoid this post.

But I can't help myself. Now we have officials in the Catholic church asserting that the Holocaust never happened. It was a hoax? Liberation forces only thought they found gas chambers and piles of bodies. It was all a figment of our imaginations?

My God, what kind of idiots are out there that can just pretend to re-write history? So I assume this means that American Indians weren't massacred and there were no mistreated slaves in the south or discrimination in the north.

And the glass ceiling in business, delusion.

How can the world have so many people running around who are that deluded? The same way we can bail out wall street companies so they can dole out multi-million dollar bonuses.

Okay, rant over. Must not listen to the news. Next I'll be one of the believers that the moon landing was also a figment of our imagination.

FD Wizard is going slow and it's no one's fault but my own. I need to get back to meeting the goals I set myself. Self imposed deadlines are harder to meet sometimes.

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