Tuesday, January 20, 2009

NEWS and Reviews

First, my friend Rinda Elliott has joined with a bunch of writers and they have a site called Deadline Dames. So, run right over to www.deadlinedames.com and comment to have a chance at winning all kinds of cool books.

Second, Sarah Basore, Sarah St. John, has a wonderful review of her story, "Sins of the Father." Check it out.

The review of the entire book is here. But check out her part for the story Sins of the Father!!! I’m thrilled for her–we all need reviews like this one.

Sarah Wilson Basore borrows, too, from “Beauty and the Beast” in her “Sins of the Father,” wherein a hunted lion-man meets a witch. “Sins” is probably the most gorgeously written and descriptive piece in the lot, elegantly suggesting a time and mood that sweeps the reader away.

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Thanks Carol! Love the new banner, btw!

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