Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Astral Parasites and other relatives.

In the astral world there exists parasitic nasties that are just waiting to latch onto you, make you feel bad and feed off of you. Don't confuse these with astral vermin, astral animals and other more powerful critters.

They can be dealt with and gotten rid of if you are able to meditate, observe your aura, find the connection, gather your energy and burn that parasite off. Wish that would work as well on the other parasites in the world. Watch out for those astral portals and things that sneak in, it could just be the monster under the bed.

Heard some lovely baroque music driving in this morning as well as a wonderful peice by Vauhn Williams that incorporates some English country dances. Just spectacular. He's one of the 20th century composers I do like, along with John Williams, Elfman and Rice,

Writing slow, must get off the but and do it or the book won't ever get done.

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