Sunday, February 8, 2009

To E or not to E

e-books that is.

I saw an interesting story regarding music, how CD's are being pushed out of business by music downloads and music stores are closing.

Teen-agers are buying vinyl records. Why? Is the sound better?

No. Its the visceral reaction of people to the ephemeral nature of the digital age.

Don't you love that sentence. It means people want something they can feel touch and smell.

I have ebooks out there, all my published novels are e-books. Soon to be in print, YAY. I'm not knocking e-publishing. I love my Kindle and take it everywhere with me. But, I buy my favorite books in print and hang on to my favorites. When I die, my family will have a fit about the number of print books cluttering my house.

Book lovers want to hold the books in their hands. I really don't think all print book stores will go out of business, and if they did, people would order real books from Amazon,buy them in used book stores.

I put my name into Amazon today, the fiction isn't there yet but my nonfiction is. Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover, Chicken Soup for the Nurses, Sacred Fire. Too cool. Now how cool will it be to see the fiction there also.

What do you like best? E-books or print? Why and why not?


Anonymous said...

We were watching the same show this morning. Been watching that show every Sunday morning for more years than I can remember.

I like the convenience of ebooks--how quickly I can get one if I want it.

But I still prefer print. I can read everywhere and I still like browsing for books in the store.

Carol said...

That's me too. And I love the Sunday morning show. Have for way too many years to count. e-books, convenience, but the feel of a book in my hands, priceless.

Sara Saint John said...

Print books. Nothing like the weight, texture and scent of a book, especially when it's your own! Which you both will find out. I can't wait to hold yours in my hands. :)

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