Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Still Here

No, I didn't get blown away by February tornados but we hadn't even done anything to our shelter, not expecting to need it until Apr. or May. Guess I'd better check and give any spiders or snakes a new home.

Lots of damage around and in OKC, Edmond, Lone Grove. Bethany got lucky. We kept power, many people are without. What a mess, as usual. My favorite little shopping center on NW Expressway got some damage. Kept watching news instead of writing last night but have figured out, Wizard is dust, and not Fairy Dust. Not working. Not a YA writer here, too many decades out of HS.

So, Fairy Dust Changeling has begun. Now I have to get down to serious plotting and world building. Wizard gave me some insight into Ande as a teen but won't hold up as a novel and the voice never came through. So onward and upward. Always a killer to kill several thousand words, however. Might try to use the fight scene, a pixie chase scene later.

What's the largest chunk of writing you've had to ditch, or saw in a book that the writer should have gotten rid of?

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