Thursday, November 15, 2007

Plot it.

There are so many ways to plot. A lot of beginning writers think if they could just find the magic way to plot, they would be published right away.

Guess what? There is no magic plot. The magic is when the method you choose, works for you.

What I use is similar to one used by screen writers. An initial incident propells the story.At the end of the 1st Quarter of the book is the first plot point, which is a major complication/reversal, at the half point is a bigger plot point/reversal that changes everything, then 3/4 of the way through, the last plot point that leads the character to the crisis, "darkest day" kind of situation and then the climax then the last chapter wrap up of the loose ends.. Once those are in my head I do the chapter outline. I know my tendency toward short chapters and plot accordingly with two or three short scenes per chapter. Works for me. If I don't do the chapter outline, sketchy as it is, I have sagging middle syndrome., not good.

I know people who go into more detail figuring out goals, conflicts, I don't. I learn a lot about the characters as they react to things and make decisions. The usually show me who they are. I have done the plot points and chapter outline on notebook paper and with sticky notes on white board. That's my plan.

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