Tuesday, November 13, 2007


A friend of mine, Rinda, wrote 6.000 words yesterday! Yes, I said 6,000. I'd be in heaven if I got 1500 words done in a day. And she did it around giving TLC to sick children. And I whine a lot about life interfering. I got to get with the program if I'm going to finishe my second book, especially since I have another project I also want to get done that I think will be so much fun.

So how do we get the concentration we need, the uninterrruped time? Everyone is different I think. I know I need to pay much less attention to both the books I want to read and shows I want to see on TV, at least until I have finished my word count for the day. Even as little a goal as 700 words a day got my last book done, I just have to do it consistantly. And, pick the time of the day that will work best and even write in ER if I have to to get the count done, write at lunch instead of eating and reading.

For me goals work, If I make them achievable. Nano, isn't achievable for me right now and that discourages me from even trying, so back to goals I can actually make, then when I go over, its even better. Write on has to be the motto.

Second is publicity. Working full time and writing on the new book doesn't leave me as much time for publicity as I need and this is the area where I fall down. I will never sell my ebook without getting my name out there. So, the resolve to better market myself.


Rinda said...

6000 rough words. It's the first draft, so it needs work. I actually prefer consistency to these big fits and bursts of writing.

And see, I've had today to work at home, too and I've been distracted all day. Gotta run to his school to pick up homework then I'm coming back here to try again. :)

goatman said...

Perhaps, rather than goals, true feelings and experiences might be the answer. I have found that people respond to honesty and first-person accounts mostly. I, myself, appreciate responses to actual events ,in my readings.
Just a thought.

Celise said...

Thanks for stopping by, Carol. I tried Nano last year and it didn't work for me, either. I lost my job, so that threw me way off my writing game.

You were talking about publicity...you should check out AuthorMBA (it's in my blogroll at the bottom). Next month, they're going to have a one week intensive course on marketing. You should think about signing up. It's only $29. It's going to teach you. amonth other things, how to make time to market your book. Actually, all of their courses are worth checking out. I've take a few.

Good luck with the writing. I'll definitely have to browse your website.

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