Saturday, November 10, 2007

Every Day

Today is a day to catch up on every day things. Laundry, changing sheets, doing dishes, picking up, unpacking, all those things that make you feel good when you're done, maybe not while you do them..

Writing needs caught up, or at least done for today. Missed out on lunch with friends. Did visit blogs and blog tour, late but I made it.

How does everyone build characters? Do you write detailed bios or make it up as you go along? I have to have structure so I do some outlining because its easier for me, but not pages and pages. They grow as I go along, so do I. Of course as they change, I might have to go back and make sure they react according to their upbringing, or lack of.

I'm going back to Houston for a week for Lori testing. Hope we get some answers. We'll be there for Dickens on the Strand. So now I need Victorian costumes? Good luck with that.


Sally_Odgers said...

I always have characters in my head, but they don't come to life until I write them into a scene. I keep a running list of characters at . I had to start one when I realised I had 15 people called Peter, and 8 called Polly! Mind you, this covers well over 30 years of constant writing.

Carol said...

I have to watch having all the characters with the same first initial and i on the end. Maggie, Tali, Cassie, Cherie, Mumsie, Jessie etc. Have to watch it consciously.

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