Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I'm not sleeping well so writing is difficult. I keep falling asleep at the keyboard. Makes writing difficult. Lori's a little depressed since of course, now that she's monitored, she hasn't had a seizure. Go figure. But they just now have stopped the meds and she has only been monitored for 24 hours. It never fails, if you actually want a seizure to happen, not happening. Pits.

I'm reading a book called "To-do list" all about, guess what? To-do lists. It's cool and very affirming for someone like me who is a to-do list person. It's available on the To-do list blog and Amazon. It's great.

Weather here: the weather man said it would be a cool day since it will only get up to 72. What's up with that? It's about winter and cool to them is 72. Try to keep everyone posted but the to-do list has made me want to do a list. So, here's a list of ten ways to keep sane.

1. Watch birds.
2. Watch the sunrise
3. Watch the sun set
4. Do the above things over water.
5. Sit next to the ocean and listen to the waves.
6. Listen to favorite music.
7. Watch the light change on mountains.
8. Listen to and watch small children play and laugh.
9. Write, lists, poetry, anything you want.
10. Love someone
11. Be loved
12. Pray

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Rinda Elliott said...

Wow, I feel really weird wishing someone would have a seizure.

But I've been there. Was hooked up to machines myself at nineteen.

I hope they find the problem. She could certainly use a solution. I have my fingers crossed.

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