Thursday, November 8, 2007


Didn't get any writing done yesterday. Didn't make it off work in time to be at Coffeetime for the launch. Not one of my best days. Life is making juggling of work and writing difficult right now but things will settle down I'm sure (it says in fine print some where.)

I still want to get back to the ocean. I keep seeing the waves seem to come out of nowhere in the dark when the foam suddenly catches the ambient light that makes the waves glow as they come to shore. It is so cool. Then there's the sound of the waves, also so calming. I need a close ocean here in OKC. No mountains, or ocean close and lakes are wonderful but not quite the same.

I'm trying to decide which kind of writing I like the best, outlined or not. I didn't have a real plan for Fairy Dust (due out in Jan) but it worked. But again, it's short and not a typical whodunnit. Privy worked, but I had at least a chapter outline and that's what I'm doing with Bloody Murder, but the outline has more holes than I like write now so I have to work on that. Speaking of work, I had better. Later.

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Cynthia Owens said...

As a definite non-plotter, I can sympathize!
Cynthia Owens

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