Monday, May 5, 2008

Post Conference-Rain and wind and hail Oh My

It seems people from NY don't understand how a little hail can damage a car. Now they do as we had baseball size hail in Midwest City Thursday night and everyone had to gather in the basement at the Sheraton conference center.

Also, some table were set up for another conference and some people from a workshop gathered at those tables to continue their session. I thought a gentleman was going to have a stroke before he moved everyone away from the tables. Turns out, classified info was in the notebooks on the tables. Mind you, if I had classified info, I wouldn't have it set out 12 hours or so before the session, but then that's just me.

Got to meet and socialize with Meredith Bernstein, agen extrodinaire, Rebecca York, Katherine Jensen and some of my buds from both Romance Ink (Kathy Moad, Sara Besore and Rinda Elliott) and Cuchara Writer's Guild (Amy Shojai and Cherie Wallis Jackson.)

I learned a lot of marketing things from Dan Poynter, CJ Lyons workshop was great, JA Jance gave an engaging keynote address. I'm so looking forward to next year when I don't have responsibilities for helping run the conference and can veg.

Had my first book signing and actually sold one. It was a lot of fun. I will post pictures as soon as I can. Now back to work work and pushing up my word count for Bloody Murder. More on conference later.

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