Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I had a nice surprise yesterday, a royalty check. My last couple of royalty checks have been nice, not enough to live on but helpful for sure. But . . . isn't there always one of those? It's for nonfiction, the stuff I don't want to write. Whiny me, I want to write mystery and fantasy and a combination of the two and make money from it. Not a fortune, although I wouldn't turn that down either, but at least as much as I make from writing about resistant organisms and the life.

After all, people read fiction because they want to, resistant organism are appealing to someone trying to make a plan to prevent their spread, not because they're fun. Not because they want to find out what happens next. Well . . . I take that back, I kind of enjoyed writing about things like disasters and bioterrorism, but that's my background. Sane people don't want to dwell on some of that.

OK, back on subject. How to get royalties from fiction: work hard, write a lot, market a hell of a lot more than I've done, then write some more, have you books available on multiple sites in multiple formats and in print also. There. That's my plan and I'm sticking to it. But, if anyone has more wonderful ideas, post them here.

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