Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Visit Eternal Press Blog for Paranormal Day

It's Paranormal Day on the Eternal Press Blog. So, have you run out to get your fix?
You haven't?
What are you thinking?
What better on Paranoramal Day than to read all about fairies and elves and pixies, oh my! Oh, yeah, don't forget about the were-wolf and the mean old ghouls.
Oh, I know, I know, you haven't finished the newest Sookie Stackhouse or Dresden. Forget those, They take too long. Rush out and get FAIRY DUST. Not only is it fun and action packed, it's short.
Seriously folks, you want to read it today, and you can. Well, maybe not so seriously since I wrote it. I'm never serious.
But, Boudicca Andraste Ryan (Ande for short) gets into all kinds of trouble after she meets a sexy were-wolf, has her father's amulet stolen and gets into fights with both a pixie and a ghoul. That's before she even sees the evil wizard who wants to end the world as we know it.
Rush right out to http://www.eternalpress.ca/ and buy it now, read it on your lunch hour. Hurry, hurry hurry, before it sells out. OK. It won't sell out, it's an ebook. But you don't want to be the one person in your crowd who didn't read it, now do you. Well, Do you?

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