Monday, May 12, 2008


Rinda has a post up about spiders and scorpions, at
A good post to creep you out.

I read a horror comic when I was a kid in grade school. It told the story of a girl who came home from school, went into her house and found everything dark and way too quiet. The door closed behind her. When she reached for the light switch, her hand grabbed hold of a giant furry spider. She screamed and woke up in school, still in class, with everyone laughing at her.

She walked home that day and reached her house. Now she was afraid to climb the stairs to her front porch. Shaking off her fear, knowing it was just a silly nightmare, she made it to her front door. Even when she opened the front door to a dark house, she had to made herself go through the door, only to have it slam behind her. In the dark she automatically reached for the light switch, only this time, when she touched the spider, she never stopped screaming.

Hence my fear of Spiders and reaching for light switches in the dark.
Have I remembered that story for the past 55 years, since I was about ten? Yes.
Did I stop reading horror comics and horror stories? No.
Do I like being creeped out in books? Absolutely.

Sometime I'll tell you about my grandmother's bedtime stories and you'll understand just why I'm so warped. What story or experience creeped you out? Come on. Tell all.

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