Friday, June 22, 2007

Just couldn't resist this cute baby. No reason for her to be here except for the cute kitten factor. I'm a sucker for the awwwww pictures. Babies, baby animals, animals being affectionate, babies with animals. Now how can I be such a sucker for cute and love urban fantasy at the same time? I've been hooked on the fantastic since I was a kid and read the fifties horror comics. Grew up on Twilight Zone, (yes, the original, and Sci-Fi Theatre and Outer Limits in black and white, so be quiet and let me ramble.) As I was saying. I graduated to all the movies and TV shows, plus things like Buffy, Angel, Dresden and etc. Now I'm reading Kim Harrison and Jim Butcher and getting the bug to write the stuff. We'll see how that goes. Have to finishe the books I'm in the middle of re-writes for first. Besides, the idea of world building and complicated plot building is a little daunting. Have to get that irresistable idea first. Here's to ideas, I'll drink to that.

I should get my fill of cute for the next week because six-year-old Hannah is coming to stay and it will be so much fun. Can't wait. Have to go find a Baby Alive car seat. And food and diapers I think. The doll is more trouble than the kid.

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